About Us

Qualified Instructor


The instructor has a background In Aikido, Shorin ryu karate and varied mixed martial art systems. This school has been open since 1998

The Studio

We offer a free try out class to see if the style is what you are looking for. We offer family rates for 3 or more people. We do not use contracts and have no other fees (testing, annual dues, membership etc...).

Our Philosophy

We strive to have a well-rounded curriculum for all are students. We have high standards for advancement. We all ways work with are students to work around any issues they might have in training.


Come on by or call for any other information we will be happy to answer.

Contact Us

Ten-Chi-Do Dojo

16937 Walnut St #3, Hesperia, California 92345, United States

(760) 898-7309


Monday , Wednesday, Friday 5:00pm.-8:30pm.


Tuesday, Thursday 


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