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Specializing in:

Aikido, Self-defense, Striking and weapons. Ages 7 and up 

Classes for adults and children:

  Ten – Chi – Do, since its establishment in 1998 has been focused on providing quality self-defense in the martial arts forms of Aikido combined with kicking and striking techniques along with weapons training for all ages. Many of the defenses taught are the same techniques utilized by law enforcement. We are a non-tournament style that focuses on the student’s ability to defend themselves or others in need. 

Family owned:

  We are family friendly and offer pricing affordable to allow families the chance to train without contracts or additional fees that can be prohibitive for most. We invite you to schedule a free class with us to see if you would find it beneficial to you. The practice of Aikido a martial art, not only helps provide you with the tools for self-defense but the exercise is great for everyone. We hope to see you soon.


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Ten-Chi-Do Dojo

16937 Walnut St, Hesperia, California 92345, United States

(760) 956-3875


  Class schedule  

Junior classes  ( 7yrs.-12yrs. )

 Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 5:00pm.-6:00pm.

 Tuesday , Thursday – 6:00pm.-7:00pm.

Teen classes  (12yrs -16yrs)

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 6:00pm.-7:00pm.

Tuesday, Thursday 7:00pm.-8:30pm. ( Teen/Adult combination class)

Adult classes   ( 16yrs. And up. ) 

 Monday , Wednesday , Friday - 7:00pm.-8:30pm. 

Tuesday, Thursday 7:00pm.-8:30pm.( Teen/Adult combination class)